Mtr Joyce Randrianandraina practices as a notary and legal advisor and offers his clients also to benefit from his competence in conciliation, mediation and negotiation.

+ Member of the Chamber of Notaries
+ Médiator (UdeS)

+ Diploma and Training
Masters in Notarial Law : LL.M.
Masters in Civil Law: Master II
Prevention and dispute resolution (PRD)
Communication and Negotiation technician

+ Languages
It will be a pleasure for us to serve you in French, in English and in German.

+ Our contact details
Phone : 450-678-0718
Fax : 450-338-1938
Email :

Your notary is your best legal advisor!
In the most important moments of your life, you face choices that involve legal issues every time! Remember that your notary is always there to assist you!
This is the case, for example, when you decide to set up your own business, set up your Company or prepares different contracts, agreements or resolutions. This is also the case when the fever of love catches you, and you decide to pair yourself with another person, or when you have made your decision to engage yourself in a marriage relationship.

JR-notary, notary in Montréal
Our ambition is to offer you efficient services, which are adapted to your situation and respect your interests!
When life smiles at you, and the time comes for you to buy a property, it is more than ever the time when you need the advice and assistance of your notary. Do not hesitate to call on his expertise in real estate law to put all the luck on your side. Your notary is also your best counselor in the darkest moments of life. When you have to deal with the death of one of your loved ones, remember that your notary is still there for you. He has a heart to listen to you with empathy and to accompany you!
Your notary is not only a good legal advisor, he is also a public officer.
Notaries are the only legal practitioners recognized by the state to serve you as public officer. They are the only ones who can write notarized documents with the authentic character. In other words, they write for you documents that are in compliance with the law, for which proof of accuracy is no longer necessary.
Moreover, notaries keep the notarial deeds preciously for you, and when the time comes for you or for your relatives to need a copy, they will provide you with certified copies, according to your needs.

JR-notary, notary in Sainte-Julie

+ Our fees
Our ambition is to offer you services, which are perfectly adapted to your situation. As transparency is one of our most important values. It will be always a privilege for us to inform you personally about the cost of each requested service.
You will also be entitled to a service contract.
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